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In my last post I discussed how all major business models are facing a software-enterprise threat, and that IT will need to tackle this head on in order for businesses to remain successful. However: how can previous generation businesses actually succeed in this new software-defined world? Last year Gartner introduced the concept of ‘bimodal IT': a new organizational model for enterprise IT in which IT organizations have two different modes of IT, each designed to address different technology and information goals. The first mode will focus on stability, scalability and efficiency, the second being more experimental and agile, with a focus on speed. They predicted that by 2017, 75% of IT organizations will have bimodal capacity (though 50% may make a mess of it). I'll leave a more detailed discussion of bimodal IT for a future blog, however it's worth noting Gartne... (more)

A Look at Hybrid Cloud Catalysts By @DinkoEror | @CloudExpo #Cloud

Where's my data? Not in the ‘where did I leave my glasses' sort of way, but rather thinking of data resilience, a key concern for many businesses putting their data and applications in the cloud. It's especially crucial in light of the recent EMC Global Data Protection Index, which showed that almost two thirds of companies surveyed suffered disruption due to data loss and unplanned downtime-losing as much as $1.7 trillion." That's a staggering number, larger than the GDP of many countries. That's why, when assessing their operational problems - be that those caused by people (e... (more)

Unlocking the Software Driven Enterprise | @CloudExpo #Cloud #BigData #IoT #API

Disruption Day - The Five Keys to Unlocking the Software Driven Enterprise Through this series I've considered the changes disruptive technology is having on traditional models, the routes businesses are taking to embrace transformation and the skills challenge they are facing as a result. It's clearly a complex and all-encompassing challenge for business leaders, but here I try to boil it down to the five key things we talk to senior leaders in business about when considering their change; from legacy, to next-generation, software-defined businesses: Establish the vision and acq... (more)

Disruption Day - the Skills Revolution By @DinkoEror | @CloudExpo #Cloud

In my last post I discussed where to start when it comes to addressing the software-driven enterprise challenge head on as we see each industry's "disruption day" draw closer. In my view, perhaps the biggest challenge for the established players of the day - in the industrial revolution it was the cottage industries, today it is the incumbents in virtually every market - is one of change management, and the skills required in the new world order. If you were a 19th century weaver, you were an expert at weaving. You didn't know anything about negotiating bulk discounts on wool, you... (more)